In the Beginning…

It has often been said that the bible is the greatest love story ever written.

This is the beginning of my attempt at the blog thing. Since it is likely that many of the posts here will gaze on divine love and truth, I suppose it is good and fitting that it begins with the same words with which He began His writing on divine love and truth: “In the beginning…”

My intent here in the beginning this is to post longer reflections, longer articles, longer explanations, longer thoughts, than my typical medium, which is Facebook. That doesn’t necessarily mean my Facebook posting will diminish, but chances are this will be easier to read, easier to reference sources, and easier to edit than Facebook for most of the more complex situations.

This post serves the double duty of being the guinea pig for exploring the WordPress interface, and to introduce the blog to the world (Hello, world!). This is actually my second post, since I accidentally deleted the first one (oops). See, learning already in progress.

Hopefully this endeavor proves (at some point) to be mutually enriching for everyone involved (or at least sanctifyingly penitential). My hope is that comments and likes come, both to bolster my belief that this is actually beneficial to anyone, and possibly even the exchange of ideas. In that vein, I hope that all (or anyone at all…hello out there? anyone? hello..o…o….o) engage in a spirit of integrity, maturity,  patience, and what my statistics teacher called “the principle of charity,” whereby we don’t take straw-man shots at others’ contributions, but charitably interpreting statements as they likely intended them. 

One last thought. Ok, two last thoughts. Second-to-last thought for the first post: While I may be snarky (my new favorite word), I am also a parochial vicar–and a reasonably busy one–in a great parish, and so I don’t intend to post on any established schedule. I intend to post when a situation, opportunity, and desire intersect (like the Bermuda Triangle). That may change as time marches on, but for now, we’ll start small. Last thought for the first post: I am a happy Catholic priest, and “I take this stuff seriously” when I offered the Oath of Fidelity and the ordination promise of obedience. So while some posts may be on the very speculative edges of orthodoxy, any fraternal or ecclesiastical corrections offered may result in this blog and/or any posts therein to be affected as required. How that will happen will depend on the circumstances.

Ok, that was the last thought. But then this thought happened, too. It would be good and fitting to begin this venture with a prayer…

Almighty FATHER,
you are the source of all truth and love.
Let this and all things work for your glory.
May our words be words of love;
may our thoughts be thoughts of truth;
may we strive to be holy as You are holy.

Loving SON of the Father,
you took flesh, offered yourself, and rose again
so that you might open the gates of Paradise
and that we might know the extent of God’s love.
Help us by your grace
to follow your teachings, example, and life.

you are the power of divine love
loosed upon the earth for our sanctification.
Inspire us with the fire of love,
with the waters of peace,
and the outpouring of the divine gifts.

Blessed Virgin Mary,
you are Our Lady of Good Counsel,
the Seat of Wisdom, the Help of Christians.
Intercede for us,
that we might humbly and joyfully
seek and submit to the Will of God.

May this prayer be in the Holy Name of Jesus, Our Lord.

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