It’s Alive! (almost…)


With the recent move from St. Joseph Church in Lancaster, and maintaining their webpage and Facebook posts, to Holy Trinity Church in Columbia, with dedicated volunteers generously sharing their own talents and gifts for the glory of God and the online presence of the parish, I’ve decided that perhaps it’s time to resurrect the old blog that was attempted many moons ago, and never quite got off the ground. Plus, WordPress has improved dramatically since then.

It’s going to stay simple for a while, only presenting what I had been posting as my weekend homilies, with some minor alterations, and some other commentary of events as they might prompt a blog post. Obviously, I’ve got a steep learning curve ahead in my “day job” and I play with the internet as a diversion. But I have some thoughts percolating about how this site might develop. We’ll see.

But I thank  you in advance for your support and encouragement, your friendship, and of course, your dialogue and ideas. Stay tuned, and God bless you.


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